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Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction

Business of EZSVS

EZSVS is where profession comes. Things change, while the willing to provide all related service in IDC area with efficiency and profession never changes. Advanced management system, standardized operation procedure, specialized in Internet, finance and communication area shows how EZSVS develops from unknown to well-known. Business in EZSVS covers IDC consultation management, plan design, construction, system integration, testing and maintenance.

EZSVS Business global coverage area



Senior experts in the industry, professional consulting team

With an excellent IDC consulting service team, JINSHI is committed to providing users with high-quality data center overall planning and design services,which is the foundation of the data center construction.

We will make a comprehensive analysis according to the actual situation and provide planning consultation on all aspects of the project. With rich practical experience in the field of data center construction, JINSHI can provide comprehensive planning consulting, including project location, feasibility analysis, investment analysis, construction standards, construction scale, etc. At the same time, advanced design tools are used to provide users with the overall design scheme of the data center, and provide comprehensive technical support during the implementation of the project.

  • Investment and financing consulting service

    Integrate the whole industrial chain services, establish a wide range of strategic cooperation with investors to provide the agency construction and operation management services of data center, and provide long-term, stable and above market expected return on investment.

  • Data center construction technical consulting service

    In the design and construction stage of the data center, we provide professional technical consulting services to the owner in key technical links such as bidding, construction disclosure, deepening design, and completion inspection.

  • Test certification and consulting service

    According to the current national standards,our company reviews the design requirements of the data center, adhering to a neutral and impartial position, and confirms the availability of various systems of the data center, and eliminates potential faults and hidden dangers.

  • Engineering construction project management service

    During the design and construction stage of the data center, our company will coordinate all parties involved in the construction of the project, organize and carry out on-site project management services, and help the owner to control the cost, schedule and quality.

  • Operation and maintenance management consulting service

    According to the relevant guidelines of various systems, data center maturity model and ITIL, EZSVS will assist the owner to establish the operation and maintenance management system, and provide the evaluation and consulting service about the operation and maintenance level of the data center.

  • Data center construction project consulting service

    We provide clients with professional consultancy work such as data center construction project planning, demand analysis, business evaluation and feasibility study. We can also assist in the coordination of governmental relations such as project approval, filing and approval, and power supply application.

Test certification consulting service

  • System testing technical support and guidance

    Equipment test

    Single system test

    System coordination and measurement

    Comprehensive test

  • Project acceptance technical support

    Provide technical documents required by government inspection

    Project Acceptance Review

    Review of as-built drawings and settlement of audit

  • Information Communication Project Construction and Consulting Services

    We provide information communication project services including: computer terminal communication, computer-aided information and image transmission, global computer telecommunication connection service, video-on-demand transmission, information transmission equipment leasing.

  • Computer terminal communication

    Computer terminal equipment adapted to various industrial environments undertakes various tasks such as providing users with good user interface, completing required business functions and accessing communication network

  • Wireless network full coverage

    Provide wireless coverage building service for data center, ensure centralized management, unified configuration and rapid response of large-scale and remote networking switches in data center

  • Computer aided information and image transmission

    The image and color of the image are processed into different density color grades by CAD and demonstrated by color display screen Through human-computer dialogue, the user's creation intention and correction opinions are conveyed to the computer

We provide you with the following two ways of purchase. Please contact us in time if you need:

  1. 1.Choose to purchase by single service to provide you with special consulting services needed at this stage and control costs more flexibly
  2. 2.Choose to purchase according to the discretionary management, provide you with the overall design scheme and comprehensive design deliverables of the data center, and enjoy greater price concessions
  • Cnooc tower (Shanghai) remote disaster recovery center room (2000 square meters, 2000KVA)

  • Yunnan Province rural credit cooperatives center room (area of 4800 square meters, 1250 kva)

  • Shanghai data center of Huatai Insurance Group co., LTD. (area: 1057 square meters, 720KW)

  • Shijiazhuang branch of Minsheng bank

Integration & Installation

Integration & Installation

Professional Installation team to provide customized services

The construction and implementation of modern data center is a complicated and professional process. With an experienced data center construction management team and a rigorous management process, JINSHI is committed to providing customers with high-quality construction services.

Integrated delivery renderings of the entire cabinet

  • Switch Installation
  • Tianxie Rack Installation
  • All-in-one Server Integration & Installation
  • Server Relocation
  • EZSVS is experienced in Integration & Installation and able to provide knight service with efficiency. Countless talents dedicate, enormous effort paid throughout the whole life cycle of project only to make perfection.

    1, Server Integration & Installation: Experienced team, professional project managing procedure and accumulation of all related file is what EZSVS is proud of. Since 2010, when the cooperation between manufacture like IBM, Inventec, Quanta was built, the service provided to Baidu and Alibaba never stops. Daily amount of integration and installation is more than 500. The location for service receiver spreads all over China, and more than 75% of data center in China.

    Our company has delivered 5000000+ servers in total

  • Typical domestic projects

    Baidu: Data center integrated delivery services in Beijing Yizhuang, Yongfeng, Jiuxianqiao, Digital Beijing, Yangquan of Shanxi Province, Kunshan Wanguo

    Tencent: Data center integrated delivery services in Guangzhou sanshui, Huaxin park, yongshun, Beijing Yizhuang, Shenzhen Guangming, West area of Chengdu, Tianjin binhai and other area.

    Alibaba: Data center integrated delivery services in Hangzhou Qiandao Lake, Zhangbei, Qingshan lake, Shanghai Wanguo, Shanghai data port and other area

  • Typical oversea projects

    Baidu: Data center integrated delivery services in Hong Kong and Japan

    Kingsoft: Data center integrated delivery services in Hong Kong and Singapore

    Tencent: Data center integrated delivery services in Hong Kong, USA and Canada.

    Dawn: Data center integrated delivery services in Mexico and Russia

    Alibaba: Data center integrated delivery services in Hong Kong, USA and Europe

  • At present, our data center integrated delivery services have covered Asia Pacific, Europe, America and other area

  • The best operation and maintenance service provider of the 11th China IDC Industry Annual Conference

  • The best operation and maintenance service provider of the 10th China IDC Industry Annual Conference

  • Huawei enterprise network (data & security) certification and service provider

  • Huawei 3com Major Project Award

  • Baidu Data Center Long-term Partner Award

  • The best partner of Beida Jade Bird

Construction & Implementation

Design & Schematization

Professional team, extensive experiences in operations management

With a national high standard professional team and extensive experiences in data center operation and maintenance management, EZSVS provides enterprises with professional data center IT equipment, infrastructure operation and maintenance services. Through professional skill training and adopting project manager responsibility system and standardized operation process, the operation and maintenance team of EZSVS provides all-weather, multi-directional and one-stop overall operation and maintenance services for clients.

    Our advantages

  • Professional service, Attention to innovation

    SOP drafting

    Provide comprehensive data center services for first-line domestic Internet enterprises such as Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Sina, Sohu, iQIYI and Kingsoft

    Established the first operation and maintenance outstanding system for first-line domestic Internet enterprises;

  • A large global team

    Construct more than 15 computer rooms on a global scale

    More than 150 experienced CDN engineers

    Operated over 1 million servers

Standardization, normalization, simplification and specialization

  • Platform management service

    Cloud resource management platform service

    Work order management service

    Business operation and guarantee service

    Equipment and resource monitoring service

    7*24 customer service

  • Infrastructure operation and maintenance services

    On-site service

    Management services for Cloud Data Center

    Infrastructure management services including wind, fire, hydropower and other related items

    Equipment maintenance services

  • Equipment operation and maintenance service

    Equipment Asset Management

    Regular operation and maintenance service management

    Equipment failure handling service

    Customized operation and maintenance services

  • Data center management services

    Daily management service of data center

    Security management service

    Construction and power management

    Environmental service

    Other services

  • Process management service

    Data center common process

    Infrastructure failure handling process

    Equipment operation process

    Service request/report/change process

    Event handling/problem management process

  • On-site service

    Management services for Cloud Data Center

    Management and other services of host

    network equipment, database,


Construction & Implementation

Professional R & D team to provide customized services

  • Product design consultation

    Product 1U 2U 4U and other models

    The platform architecture for custom servers supports X86 and ARM

    Logo customization, structure and appearance customization, product hardware and software function customization

  • Product testing

    Provide a complete server testing solution

    Provide professional testing environment

    Provide server function, stability, power consumption, reliability and other testing services

  • Advantages and features

    Extensive professional experiences

    Professional, experienced R&D team

  • Flexible product models

    Customized and differentiated products for users

  • Resource integration capability

    Well-known supply chain manufacturers in the industry

  • Complete data center solution

    Infrastructure, server, equipment delivery

  • Years' of wiring experience for major Internet cooperation.

    Extensive experiences of data center operation and maintenance to help clients becoming real data center users

  • Successful service system

    Attentive service and fast response

EZSVS on Palm


22 spare parts warehouses radiate to 78 cities around the world

  • Our advantages:

    In time response and 7*24h technical support

    Integrated work order management platform, automatic work order creation, convenient distribution, real-time online management of engineers; service feedback and reporting mechanism.

    Adopt the standard operation process of fault treatment, and provide high quality after-sales service with the professional background management department

    EZSVS intelligent spare parts warehouse: intelligent management of the system, effective management of IT hardware and other spare parts with intelligent cabinet as the carrier to improve work efficiency and safety of spare parts, covering many cities in the country.

  • After-sales management system

    整机柜、服务器和交换机故障诊断 CDN相关服务 机柜、PDU及线缆的质量报修 RMA管理 广达、英业达售后服务

    Whole cabinet, server and switch fault diagnosis

    CDN service

    Quality report for cabinet, PDU and cable

    RMA management

    Quanta and Inventec after-sales service

Type of payment

Type of Payment

  • Mail:
  • Fax: 010-88494897
  • Address: Building 4, No. 3, Minzhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing.